TeachMeet – Mount Carmel

Friday afternoon at the end of a full staff development day and 70 teachers are fully engaged. How did this happen?

Mount Carmel Catholic High School TeachMeet.
Teachers sharing their practice in 7 minute sessions. A wonderful 30 minute session to close a day of professional learning.
The first teacher spoke of an innovative approach to engaging students in science through a ramification strategy.
Next a teacher shared a open collaborative brainstorming strategy that places the students in the control of their learning.
The third focussed on student collaboration in google drive as a strategy to improve student learning along with Edmodo and other tools. Finally we heard about a range of differentiation and classroom management strategies to try.
A great way to finish the professional development day, teachers sharing their practice in an open and supportive way.

I’m back at Wollongong Diocese

Students at a recent 1:1 BYOD bootcamp

Students at a recent 1:1 BYOD bootcamp

After almost two years on Secondment at PLANE I have returned to the Wollongong Diocese and hit the ground running. So many ideas and so little time however I will endeavour to maintain this blog and start sharing some of the great things that I see around the Diocese and else where.

PLANE Trials Underway

I am currently flat out coordinating the PLANE trials, more information about the trials below.
One of the things I love about my work is the awesome teachers that I meet and get to work with. This trial is another great example, we have lots of motivated and dedicated teachers devoting their time in order to improve students school experience.
Many thanks to the trial participants, its wonderful to work with you.

PLANE is currently conducting a trials which will run until the 28th of November. Pre service teachers, teachers and teacher leaders from the Catholic Education System, Department of Education and Communities, the Association of Independent Schools and NSW universities are devoting their time to trialing the early stages of PLANE.

The trial is focusing on the following main areas

  1. Single Sign-‐on Process
  2. Professional Portfolio
  3. Professional Learning Opportunities
  4. Virtual World BootCamp

Four days into the trial teachers have attended live online information sessions, created professional portfolios, experienced PLANE professional learning and attended Virtual World Bootcamp Sessions.
Last night was one of the highlights of the trial to date, with 15 educators meeting in the Virtual World to learn more about Virtual Worlds in education. Participants enjoyed learning from each other, personalising their avatars and exploring the virtual world.
As teachers complete activities in PLANE they log their feedback via a number of online forms, helping to shape the future shape of PLANE.